About Us

Anstey Group is focused on improving efficiency and mitigating risk by integrating services and technologies into people-centric sustainable solutions.



Anstey Group is a development from a small enterprise that started in Sweden 2004.

At that time, as well as now, the main focus has been to respond to the increased demand for risk management and security services around the world.

Today Anstey GroupĀ“s operational hubs are located In Sweden, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Hong Kong from where we cover Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia. We work with local partners transferring and adapting knowledge and technology from around the world to be able to exceed our clients expectations and deliver sustainable solutions. We are best in the world when it comes to respect and adapt to the cultural context we are operating in. Our staffs diversity is an objective by itself and is a tool to maintain independence, high integrity and operate as a company that stays out of the politics.

Our staff are selected based on their experience, track record of results and that they can fulfill our core values; Speak the truth, be a good friend and do your best. Our success is granted by the people that work for our organisation and by the leadership that support them.